Thursday, September 4, 2008

BACK TO COOL!!! come on kids I'm trying.

So it's Back to School time again. Summer is over. This is actually the first time since I was 3 that I didn't have to go and continue on in some sort of Public learning facility (i'm not sure why public is capitalized, either). There is no significant event that in my life that gives closure to the summer or 08 (well, there's my Birthday on August 31). So I guess this means Summer just keeps going on - for the rest of my life.

This is my impression of every kid going back to school this week:

"Dude, classes r soo e-z, bro- like one was just like fuckin' medical forms (hw for moms and dad!! LOL!1!!1!!!) But fuckin sucks I got Dr. Nyquil for Bio labz.
Dude, wuld put a corpse to sleep, SRSLY!! and OMG! this one kid was all like "is this gonna be on the exam?" when like the teacher was passin out the syllabuses - or
syllabi - I don't know what one it is. I haven't taken ENG 201 yet and I think that's like the first thing they teach you.
But the prof was all like 'that is totally not lolz' and was like 'get out' and the kid was all like 'fuck you' and the prof was like 'no, fuck you' and I was all like 'dude, just shut the fuck up. Its the first day they just hand out the syllabus and let you out early prof is just gonna letz you out early and hopefully make back before I f'ck in miss "True Life: I'm a depressed alcoholic teen who looks fat in tight t-shirts" which I've missed like 4 fuckin times already'
so finally dude shutted the fuck up"
Dude like new facebook fuckin sucks on my ballzzsac with its 75 character status posts!!!!"

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