Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC 08: The Sexiest Convention Ever!

Of course, the drive-by, liberal, jew-run, main-stream baby-killing media isn't going to tell you that.

Look at this Alaskan Pimp- just chillin' at the RNC in between a sister-sandwich. (You know the media would cream themselves for 2 underage pregnant Palin daughters. - I think I just did.)

Look at that MILF (or RILF or VPILF etc). I seriously get lost in her eyes and almost forget that she's a total bitch. I'm sure your vag is all healed up, so lets go make Palin 6 and kill endangered polar bears

And lets not forget about that other MILF.
(yeah, you see what I did there)

I didn't see it but I assume at this point Mccain is saying "Seriously look at this fuckin MILF. I mean I know I'm old but when I think about this ticket I don't know whether to vote for it or fuck it......And about that whole Hockey Mom -Pitbull thing, Yeah - A Pitbull with lipstick I'd like to fuck! U-S-A! U-S-A!"

When someone makes an Viagra/grandpa sex joke It would help if you thought of this. Hell, you should just be thinking of this image randomly throughout the day anyway just because.....Will Obama stick his thumb up your ass? I didn't think so. (google: Larry Sinclair)

And if you're gonna have a sexy party you gotta keep out the gays (they just don't know when to stop)...and how do you do that? By fuckin up the YMCA cheer. ---and badly. The letter O isn't even in "Young Men's Christian Association" ...ok it is. But not 3 fuckin times!

Last but not least, where were the democrats at during this sexy party? Scarying small animals and making babys cry by being loud noisy bitches. Thank god that man was there to tell them "Sorry ladies, lets get you back to the kitchen so you can help Hillary finish that Turkey/Bear/Elk feast we're gonna have after this shindig.....Oh, and don't forget to sweep up all the pieces from that broken glass ceiling, I wouldn't want you to cut your barefeet"

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Anonymous said...

i enjoyed your words and pics. Irony and sarcasm are our only weapons.