Friday, November 14, 2008

The Mayans were right: Palin 2012

I have long been a believer in the theory that the Mayan calendar calls for a significant change in the year 2012, whether this be the apocalypse or a mass change in human consciousness. In its defense the Mayan calendar was based on a mathematical circle and didn't have any of that extra-day-every-four-years bullshit. However I will admit that you would think if they were good at predicting things they would of at least attempted to save their own civilization by foreseeing the coming of Europeans with guns.

But now I think I know how it will happen: Palin 2012.

I think things will get better under President Obama. In the words of The Beatles, it couldn't get much worse. It is no secret people love voting for people who are "just like me". I think as things get better the pains of the previous republican administration will fade away. Palin will return in 2012 and Aemricans will go "OMG!! I love this bitch, I can't believe she's back! Lets go get mcdonalds!" And then I believe Palin will finally get here chance and she will win the 2012 election.

And then it will slowly sink into the rest of the world that America just made Sarah Palin the fuckin' President of the United States. And then on December 21,2012 it will finally hit people what exactly this will mean and then BAM!! everyone's head will explode!

....just as the Mayans predicted.

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